How to Beat Seller’s Stress

As exciting as purchasing a new home can be it can also be one of the most stressful periods of your life when selling your present home is part of the deal. One of the leading ways to reduce stress when selling Manhattan Real Estate is to use the services of a Realtor like you’ll find at our Manhattan Real Estate Company.
We are prepared to help you through the uncertain waters of the selling process. But there’s so much more going on beneath the surface. Selling a home is not just about selling a home. It’s about moving to a new home, sometimes leaving friends and family behind, or starting a new job. It can be a very emotional process.
It’s easy to forget while knee deep in packing and staging your home for showings that moving can represent an exciting adventure in the lives of your family — an opportunity for growth and new beginnings. Our Realtors are familiar with the obvious stresses as well as the insidious ones. You will be able to rely on them for more than just closing the deal.
It’s important to remember throughout the entire selling process, to make time for yourself and your family that have nothing to do with the home. It’s really an insurance policy for your sanity and continued happiness.
Stress is sneaky. It can eat away at us during what are supposed to be the happiest of times, because any major change in life is stressful whether we feel it or not. If it’s suppressed, it can wreak havoc both emotionally and physically. For the sake of your continued family unity, keep in mind the following stress-relieving measures:
First, remember that it’s perfectly normal to feel unsure of your decision to sell your home. You’ve just made a major commitment, and all of us experience those last-second “What on earth did I just do” worries after signing contracts and making life-changing decisions. Instead of becoming overwhelmed with “what ifs” and dread, reframe this decision as a prime opportunity to begin your lives in a new environment. The old saying “When one door closes, another one opens” definitely applies here. Trust that your Realtor is looking out for your best interests, ask as many questions as you need to throughout the entire process (that’s part of what your Realtor is paid for), and look forward to the adventure that lies ahead of you.
If you can, keep an emergency fund in case you run into any unexpected costs. One example: If your buyer comes forward after a home inspection is completed and requests a series of repairs prior to move-in, you’ll be prepared.
Don’t lose sight of why you’re selling your home in the first place. Obviously, whether or not you had control over the decision will affect your outlook. Keep your home clean and tidy so you’ll be ready for any last minute showings that come along.
While you’re waiting for your home to sell, think ahead to where you hope to relocate to. Whether it’s around the corner, across town, or across the country, round up as much information as you can about your new area. What kinds of cultural offerings does the town/city offer? What are its landmarks and natural attractions? Research some possible day trips you might take with the family once you’re settled. This is a great way to keep the family engaged and looking forward to life after the sale of your home.