Prospective buyers looking for apartments for sale in Manhattan NYC might consider the Chinatown neighborhood. This historic neighborhood was thought to have been established sometime in the 1840s by Chinese immigrant Ah Ken. He may have been the first resident to begin renting out rooms from a boarding house located on Mott Street. He eventually opened a smoke shop on Park Row and the modern Chinatown grew around that. The different areas of Chinatown have been primarily affected by various phases of immigration from Mainland China, Taiwan and Hong Kong.

A Profile of the Chinatown Neighborhood, Manhattan Real Estate

Chinatown is an extremely walkable neighborhood and as much as 80 percent of those living there do not own cars. About 36 percent of residents walk to work and some 54 percent take a train to work. Chinatown subways are as follows:

– 6 at Canal Street
– N, R, Q, W at Canal Street
– B, D at Grand Street
– J, M, Z at Canal, Centre and Chambers Street

There are also bus routes going through Chinatown and those are as follows.

– M5
– M9
– M15
– M22
– M103

The boundaries of Chinatown are Broadway in the west, Rutgers and Essex in the East, Madison and Worth in the South and Broome, Canal and Grand in the North.

Schools are divided into zones within the New York City Department of Education. The only schools within Chinatown are Yung Wing School, or PS 124, and Hernando De Soto school, or PS 130. A school outside of the zone is PS 184M Shuang Wen School.

Chinatown is a haven for shoppers and foodies. Nearly everything a person could want is sold somewhere in Chinatown, from fresh fish to stereo equipment. There’s plenty of restaurants throughout the neighborhood as well, spanning a wide variety of cuisine. Those new to the area will find the Explore Chinatown Info Kiosk on Canal Street near Walker and Baxter very helpful. It’s open on weekdays and weekends, providing bilingual staff to answer questions and provide guides.

Chinatown Condos For Sale In New York

The vast majority of real estate for sale in Manhattan Chinatown is within high-rise apartment complexes. About 95 percent of residences are this type. Up to 82 percent are in buildings older than 1939. About 91 percent of apartments for sale in Manhattan NYC Chinatown are between the sizes of a studio and two bedroom. A mere eight percent are three or four bedroom apartments. The number of old buildings in this neighborhood gives it a historic look that definitely appeals to some home buyers. Those looking for smaller apartments such as what is available in Chinatown will find some relatively lower prices compared to other areas in Manhattan. In 2007, some newer, luxury condos were built, mostly in the areas around Two Bridges and the Lower East Side. Because of the neighborhood’s historical and cultural significance, tourism is a big draw and weekends and holidays often see large crowds walking through the shops and visiting restaurants.

Finding Real Estate For Sale In Manhattan Chinatown

Those looking for apartments for sale in Manhattan NYC Chinatown should contact a real estate company that is familiar with the area. The options in Chinatown are somewhat more limited than in other parts of Manhattan, so having a real estate agent that knows where to look is very important. This is a very densely populated neighborhood covering a square-shaped block including the streets of Centre, Baxter, Mulberry, Mott, Elizabeth and Bowery. From the longest end it goes from Spring Street to Canal, and is considered part of Lower Manhattan. Chinatown condos for sale in this area have a median price of about $820,000. About 36 percent of the homes are in the range between $523,000 and 785,000. Another 20 percent ranges between $785,000 and $1,047,000. About 35 percent of houses range over $1,047,000. The sizes of real estate for sale in Manhattan in Chinatown range from small studios up to two bedrooms, and a much smaller amount fall in the larger three or four bedroom size range. A good amount of residential real estate in Chinatown is occupied by renters. Many NYC Chinatown condos for sale are in historic buildings constructed before 1939. A smaller amount of residences were constructed between 1939 and 1969.

Chinatown has a certain appeal as a historic culture center in New York City and in America in general. For those wanting a walkable neighborhood with smaller real estate and historic significance will find much to enjoy about Chinatown. Whether you’re looking for Apartments for Rent in NYC Chinatown or real estate for sale, you’ll fall in love with our options.