East Village

For generations of New Yorkers, the East Village has long been a hotbed for art and culture. While the neighborhood has certainly changed a lot since becoming a community for beat poets, coffee houses and musicians in the 1960s, that eclectic spirit is still alive. Today’s East Village is home to a diverse group of people who enjoy residing in an exciting yet livable district of New York City. East Village apartments for sale range from cozy pre-war apartment buildings to spacious condominiums.

Location and Boundaries

The East Village is located near the southeast end of Manhattan Island. Its boundaries are marked by 14th street to the north, Houston Street to the south, 4th Street to the west and the East River to the east. Before the 1960s, this area made up the northern part of the Lower East Side. The East Village broke off as it began to reflect its own identity and attract artists and younger adults. In this sense, the district shares many cultural similarities with its western neighbor, Greenwich Village.

The East Village Yesterday and Today

The first generation of East Villagers included many working-class families. However, the area was defined in the 50s and 60s as an enclave for New York’s hip crowd. Legendary rock venues like the Fillmore East and CBGB beckoned music lovers from across the boroughs. The area was also home to many galleries that helped shaped modern art movements in the late 20th century. Over the decades, the East Village has grown into a safer, more affluent district while still maintaining many of the artsy qualities of its early years. Today, the neighborhood is as popular for its fashionable hotspots as it is for offering prime real estate for sale New York City. Residents can also enjoy being near great city parks, the NYU campus and plenty of trendy yet affordable eateries.

With a population upwards of 66,000, the East Village is one of the most densely populated neighborhoods in New York City. There are no less than four ZIP codes that claim part of the neighborhood’s .8 square miles. Its population density is 86,119 per square mile, which is much higher than the New York City average of 27,714. The age of a typical East Villager is 27 – 32. However, most of the younger residents are concentrated closer to the New York University campus, which is just west of the neighborhood. Prospective residents can expect a thriving and busy lifestyle with plenty of neighbors and nearby goings-on.

City Life in the East Village

Despite its high population, the East Village is known for being a tight-knit community with many long-time residents. The side streets are sprinkled with clothing boutiques, antique shops and bookstores, many of which are independently owned. St. Mark’s Place (8th Street), which runs through the middle of East Village, is considered the cultural center of the neighborhood. In addition to its many open markets and clothing huts, the street features an array of well-established retailers like St. Mark’s Comics and Trash and Vaudeville. During daytime, the area is relatively quiet with shoppers and young professionals. At night, St. Mark’s Place comes alive as patrons pack the street’s restaurants, karaoke joints and watering holes.

Within the East Village is the vibrant Alphabet City, a neighborhood so named because its boundaries are between avenues A and D. Known by outsiders as the setting for the musical Rent, this area was once considered a rather edgy bohemian enclave. Since the 1990s, however, Alphabet City has experienced radical improvements in safety and image. The neighborhood is now known for its street art, bars and booming real estate market. Unlike some of the more elite parts of NYC, the nightlife in Alphabet City is accessible. Bar hoppers don’t have to worry about too many bouncers or strict dress codes.

Those who want to escape the urban bustle can find some respite at the grassy knolls and running paths near the East River. Buyers interested in condos for sale in Manhattan may appreciate that this area is much quieter than the rest of the city.

Real Estate Makeup of the East Village

Investors looking for real estate for sale New York City will find many prewar walk-up buildings as well as some modern high-rises in the East Village. Those who want a great deal on a walk-up will find better options deep in Alphabet City and closer to the East River. While not as prevalent, luxury condos for sale in Manhattan are available closer to the northwest borders of the East Village. Available properties vary greatly in price, with the lowest selling for around $300,000 and the highest going for over $10 million. The median price of East Village apartments for sale is $1.6 million. For co-ops, the median going rate is $700,000.

A fair amount of Luxury condos with doorman service are available along Avenue A and other nearby streets. These residences range from $800,000 to $4 million and are generally around 1,300 square feet in size. Only a handful of townhouses are available.

Like most of Manhattan, the East Village is filled with in-demand real estate that gets snatched up quickly when on the market. The value of homes in the area have recently been increasing, which is good for those who want to buy real estate for sale New York City. New condo construction sites have been slowly sprouting throughout the neighborhood.

Transportation Options

The East Village is a very pedestrian-friendly district. Most residences are within walking distance to grocery stores and other essential shops. Those interested in East Village apartments for sale will also appreciate the many subway stops throughout the neighborhood. The 6 train stops in the heart of the neighborhood at Astor Place, while the N and R lines stop at 8th Street near NYU. There are also subways stops along 4th Street to the north and Houston to the south. For access to even more lines, residents can head to Union Station just northwest of the East Village.

East Village apartments for sale are also served by several convenient MTA bus routes. If one ever needs a quick transportation solution, taxis can be hailed on most of the major thoroughfares. It should be noted that traffic in the area can be hectic. Most East Villagers do not rely on daily car use.

Parks and Recreation

Situated in the middle of the East Village, Tompkins Square Park is an ideal centerpiece to an eclectic neighborhood. During summer months, sunbathers and families frequent this 10.5-acre park. Tompkins Square is also popular for its dog run and annual music events. The surrounding streets feature many excellent condos for sale in Manhattan.

More public greenery and recreation options can be found at the East River Park. As its name implies, this park overlooks the East River along FDR drive and stretches from 12th Street down to the Brooklyn Bridge in the Lower East Side. The East River Park includes baseball, football and soccer fields as well as tennis and basketball courts. Fitness buffs will appreciate its expansive jogging and bike paths, which include the East River Greenway. The housing market near East River Park features more affordable real estate for sale New York City.

East Village Landmarks

The Greenwich Village Society for Historic Preservation has worked hard to document and preserve important buildings in the East Village. In 2012, the society helped get an area along Second Avenue between 2nd and 6th streets designated as a historical district. The East Village/Lower East Side Historic District includes significant landmarks such as the Meserich Synagogue, Cathedral of the Protection of the Holy Virgin and the Evangelical Lutheran Church of St. Matthew. Those interested in condos for sale in Manhattan will find the district home to many Greek Revival-style properties. Other major points of interest in the East Village include Nuyorican Poets CafĂ©, the Museum of Reclaimed Urban Space and Webster Hall. Whether you’re looking for Apartments for Rent in East Village or real estate for sale, you’ll fall in love with our options.

Why Buyers Love East Village Apartments for Sale

The East Village is an authentic NYC neighborhood that’s infused with a creative, independent energy. If you’re searching for condos for sale in Manhattan that are surrounded by a mix of newcomers and long-time residents, then be sure to check out this neighborhood. Places like Alphabet City are not quiet residential zones free from street traffic. However, the locals seem to enjoy being part of a lively district that’s well-connected to the rest of the city. The neighborhood market for pre-war walk-ups is especially strong in the area east of Tompkins Square Park. Real estate for sale New York City does not get much more exciting than it does in the East Village.