Preparing Your Manhattan Home to Sell Quickly

Whether you want to prepare your home for an Open House, or you just want to present your home in the best light so it will sell quickly, it is necessary to see it through a buyer’s eyes. When you invest money in this area you can count on it resulting in increased profits and a faster sale.
Before potential buyers even see what your home has to offer, they see its exterior. As a result, an unattractive view of the outside of the home could potentially result in a missed opportunity for a buyer to come inside.

Decorate For a Quick Sale:

Faded walls and worn woodwork turn buyers off. Show prospects how nice your home can look by making it look great. A quicker sale at a higher price will result.

A Clean Home is a Happy Home:

Bright, cheery windows and unmarred walls will assist your sale. Don’t make buyers look through dusty blinds and hazy windows.

Fix the Faucet:

Dripping water discolors the enamel and calls attention to faulty plumbing. While you may have lived with the dripping faucet, a homebuyer will see it as neglect.

Hire a Carpenter:

Loose doorknobs, sticking drawers and warped cabinet doors are noticed by the prospect. Hire a carpenter or handyman to come in and fix those little things.

Closet Illusions: 

Clothes properly hung, shoes, hats and other articles neatly placed, will make your closets show better. Remove half the items in the closet. Paint the interior bright white and put in a high wattage bulb.

Clean the Kitchen:

Remove all the clutter from the counters. Make room in the cabinets to show they’re roomy. Clean the oven and fridge – they’ll be checked!

Spend Time on the Bathroom:

Bright and clean bathrooms sell many homes. Keep toilets sparkling clean and lids down. Scrub the shower until it sparkles (handles too!) and then hang a new shower curtain.

A Bright Future:

Illumination is a welcome sign. For after-dark inspections, turn on your lights from the front porch in and throughout. The prospect will feel a glowing warmth; otherwise impossible to attain. Also turn on lights in the daytime for rooms that are not so bright. Don’t make buyers fumble around for the light switch.

Be Aware of Odors:

 People will linger in a fresh, pleasant smelling home. Stale air, or bad odors, make them want to get out and can ruin the sale.

Let Your Realtor Work the Magic:

Do not discuss price, terms, possession or other factors with homebuyers or friends. Anyone interested in your property should be referred to us. As a seller, anything you say could compromise your position. As a third party, a realtor can better bring the negotiation to a favorable conclusion.

Who To Call:

When you’re ready to put your Manhattan home on the market give us a call at Manhattan Real Estate and we’ll work with you to get your home sold fast!