Top 6 Tips for Condo Sellers in Manhattan

If you’re about to put your condominium on the Manhattan real estate market you should pay attention to the following top tips to help you move your property fast.
#1 In most cases, a condo seller will need to have a home inspection done in order to sell their home. Prior to scheduling, it’s best to make sure all electrical work up to code and smoke and carbon monoxide detectors, are of the type required as this is a finable offense.
#2 Declutter and depersonalize your space. It’s time to do some major packing. Remove all sports memorabilia, religious items and most family portraits. If you have prized animal heads or fish mounted on the wall, store them away until you’re in your new home. You want the buyer to focus on your home, not your belongings.
#3 Before signing on the dotted line with a Realtor, make sure you can terminate the agreement on short notice. You certainly do not want to be locked into a lengthy contract feeling like you made a bad choice.
#4 Perhaps even more importantly than the Realtor you select, pricing your home right is critical. Ultimately an overpriced home will take longer to sell and will probably sell for less than it should as it becomes stale on
the market. The best time to sell a home is when it first hits the market and is fresh.
#5 When it comes to special assessments to a homeowners association or other business, consider paying them in advance. Buyers don’t want to move into a situation where they’re going to have extra payments to make to the association that first year.
#6 The financing options available to buyers may impact the sale of your condo. Many buyers in today’s market are getting FHA financing, however a large number of condo associations are not FHA approved or their approval has expired. Check on www.HUD.gov to see the status of your association and if it’s not approved, work with your association to bring it through approval.
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